Suzan Bond & Co. offers strategic remedy for the growing pains of any business

Posted on 02. Jun, 2010 by in Blog Posts

Organic. Adventurous. Complex. Performance-oriented. Those are just a few words that describe Suzan Bond and the work she does as an organizational strategist and executive coach. Suzan focuses on companies that are in the growth phase of business. Kinda like the “teenage years”, as she describes it, where things can get really confusing, messy and there’s lots of change. Suzan Bond & Co. delivers real results along the way–not just a 500 pound page report on your desk at the end of the engagement.

The goal of her work? Bring clarity to chaos. Highly intuitive and based on years of business experience, Suzan Bond & Co. helps companies successfully transition from the startup phase through the growth phase to a more scalable, sustainable business. Her style? Direct. Customized. Iterative. Fun. Results-oriented.

The business world is dynamic. Just when you think you’ve got it figured out, something shifts and you need to adjust. Getting clear about exactly what’s happening and what to do about it can be challenging—especially when you’re in the middle of it. Sometimes you just need an outside view to help you assess the situation, create a strategy and execute your plan. No problem is too small, contact Suzan with your questions and let her help you get on the quick path to success.

I met Suzan at Centennial Park in Boulder on a clear warm morning. We hiked a short ways up the trail and found a great spot to stop and get some photos in and around the magnificent rock formations. Suzan immediately backed up her self proclaimed natural and adventurous personality as she climbed around some precarious slots and holds to get the best shots possible. At that moment, I knew the rest of the day would be fun as we could push the boundaries of what most people are normally willing to do for good photos.

The next couple of hours found us taking in the views overlooking downtown Boulder, climbing trees, and wading in the creek. She’s beautiful. She’s brilliant. She’s fun + outgoing, and I’d trust her skills anytime for business strategy, organization, and coaching.

I thoroughly enjoyed the adventure, the conversation, and the company with Suzan and felt comfortable and relaxed throughout. She made my job easy and it was one of the most memorable photo shoots I’ve had.